(note – just found this essay I wrote as a Facebook post 4 years ago in tribute to my Great-Uncle Ignacio “Nacho” Almaguer, who had died a few nights earlier. I’m not sure I want to go for 90 anymore, but 75 might be a good time to start listening to those records and farting… Continue reading Nacho

thought formations & notes for a future larger piece on corruption

Advantages to being a teenager when I was a teenager and *not* now – I did not have access to “print-on-demand” technology I had to either draw or cut out images from clip art journals and literally paste them to my master page and hope the copy machine at the public library could “read” my… Continue reading thought formations & notes for a future larger piece on corruption

old news

Here’s a video I made with Marc & Brett, my old collaborators in Temporary Services, in 2005 – I live for the day that someone says “Whaddya call it?” to me so I can reply with “Ode To Hero of the Future, Number 5”. If I had the opportunity to remake this, I would cut… Continue reading old news

My Writings elsewhere

(a continually updated post as I link items) You can find evidence of my humanity in – Visions For Chicago (also readable in full here) The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (article about The Free Store) “The Power to Transform” (article/interview I wrote about Lauren Sugerman of Chicago Women in Trades) that said, you can… Continue reading My Writings elsewhere


I have some barriers with finishing things. Projects, research, full sentences. It’s not new, and no one’s fault but my own. Had three or four diaries growing up, each only has a handful of entries and I don’t reach the end. So I’m attempting again as part of my daily life to finish something. Created… Continue reading Untitled