Hi! Here is a regretfully infrequently updated list of my published writings and related editing work.

If you’d like to hire me for freelance work or want to tap on my shoulder to see if I’m interested in a writing job, please email me at capitaloforegon at g’mai l .c o m or connect with me on Twitter

I work for the Chicago Reader and as such, they let me write a little. Full list available here.

Some Reader favorites: I try to convince you to buy records from one of my all-time fave comedians. Introducing a beautiful music video from a unique Chicago composer. Hi, I’m bi. I managed to get a legendary Chicago TV star to talk to me about Berwyn and Doctor Who. I got Ready for the World. I put a positive review of Lionel Richie into an alternative newsweekly and managed to mention Bloom County.

From roughly 2000-2014, I was a member of the art group Temporary Services, which co-founded Half Letter Press. I worked with my collaborators on a myriad of projects, but some of my faves include co-writing parts of and co-editing Group Work, creating the Framing the Artists project and booklet, and working on the Prisoners’ Inventions project.

Sometimes I write fiction and here’s a piece from the mid ’00s that I wrote for my friend’s website, Ausgang.

more to come!

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