My name is Salem Collo-Julin or Hollohulo depending on your ability to pronounce things. I’m a Chicago native. I frequent the Chicago and the Midwest, DC, Philly, and other parts with my comedy, performance, and occasional art crap. I’m an editorial staff member at the amazing Chicago Reader and an avid thrifter and reseller of record albums and other vintage items.


VIRGO   /tiger   /8    /ENFP-T 

generation X

Pronouns: she/her or they/them, either and all are fine. Don’t call me Shirley.

Why declaring your pronouns matters.

Things and concepts I like:

Cats, dogs, heavy metal and punk rock and otherwise noisy music, soul and funk and hip hop and R&B, hippie music and showtunes, pop, talking about and listening to and performing comedy, community oriented and self-aware art, people with big ideas and big hearts, pawn/thrift/charity shops, free stores, 60s/70s/80s home décor, freedom, autonomy, love, interdependence, skincare and moisturizing, gossip, all the colors in the crayon box, drag performance and aesthetics, queer nation, it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, astrology, ghost culture, free jazz, getting together with the girls for some pinot griege, screw you I’ll live in the street, driving across the country in a minivan, self-publishing, friends and family, giving circles


I write. I perform. I make people laugh, mostly intentionally.

I worked with Temporary Services until 2014 and was a keyholder at Mess Hall.

I collaborated with three friends on  The Free Store, a nomadic and temporary project that gave items away. We’re still around, just not as active as years ago. Happy to report that there are many other free stores in the world!

I used to help run Half Letter Press. Groups and Spaces started with my group Temporary Services’ input and is now in a second stage thanks to several longtime friends & collaborators. I co-founded the GoChgo e-mail list. I believe that love and freedom are not scarcity economies.


I do writing projects on occasion in addition to my full-time job. My creative work outside of that includes writing, editing, performing, and making sounds with my vocal cords, all for money or love. Contact me if you would like to hire me for these or any other jobs for money or some sort of trade.

I do stand-up and other forms of comedic performance. I’m a tough critic of my own work. I throw food at myself. No one needs to see that.

Those who wish to directly send me money as a sign of their love or encouragement can click here to facilitate said transaction via the Pay and the Pal.

Portions of the document sometimes known as a “c.v.” are available for the finding here. It’s big on art stuff. I also have a Linked In here that lists some of the fabulous employers who have given me money, guidance, or time.

Updates are infrequent, mistakes many, regrets are few.

Live, love, laugh, lobotomy!


  1. Kirk Hammett
  2. Cheryl Burke
  3. Lynda Barry
  4. Jessica Hagedorn
  5. Caterina Fake
  6. Vanessa Hudgens
  7. Nia Peeples
  8. Lou Diamond Phillips
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