I have some barriers with finishing things. Projects, research, full sentences. It’s not new, and no one’s fault but my own. Had three or four diaries growing up, each only has a handful of entries and I don’t reach the end.

So I’m attempting again as part of my daily life to finish something. Created this site, and now blogging.

Creative people always walk a tightrope with the amount of energy and information that we give out. If you want an audience, you have to tell them how you feel. If you want to appease your family, friends, employers, neighbors, sometimes you can’t say much. Then there’s the whole pearls before swine thing.

I have so many other places on the internet for short bursts of sharing what I think, but blogging is a whole other ballgame. This first post has been intimidating. I’ve given myself permission to not worry much about spelling and grammar here but I still find myself editing so much that there is nothing to see, nothing to read, nothing to say.

I’m exhausted and hoping that tomorrow is calm and easy.

Here’s some mixtapes I make on YouTube.






Author: hollo

I was raised on the corner of death and shame but I got priced out of the old neighborhood when the artists started moving in. I'm a Virgo, a Tiger, and a 5.

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