good time had by all scene reports #1

scene report from last night’s Richard Thompson / Bonnie Raitt concert:
RT was on point as always. The drummer in his touring band has really good posture. I can’t say anything bad about Richard Thompson, or even his beret, so I’ll just say that some of his fans were put on this earth to remind me why I didn’t join the Pep Squad in high school. The guy sitting next to S really loved to clap along in syncopation.
Several groups of middle-aged to older ladies in attendance. Group of ladies smoking by the will call were already drunk by the time I got there to find S and our tickets. One of them almost fell on the ground and another one grabbed her real quick and announced “Maureen’s already loaded!”
Bonnie Raitt is in really good shape and seemed honestly grateful for her fans. She opened with a cover of Inxs’ “Need You Tonight”, which is odd. The crowd was Dork Rock Lite which means that when Bonnie Raitt did her “I Can’t Make You Love Me” encore, one lady in front of me jumped up and pointed at her and screamed “YES – THAT’S MY SONG.”
The crowd also really loved Bonnie Raitt’s cover version of Rufus (ft. Chaka Khan)’s song “You’ve Got The Love” and showed their love by getting up out of their seats and jamming. A bunch of hips and butts moving around that probably haven’t moved like that in a few years means there was a super duper blast of ass sweat.
Bonnie’s drummer was in The Rutles. Bonnie did a Skip James cover. Richard Thompson came out and backed her up on “Dimming of the Day”. In the car on the way home, S and I discussed John Prine and the fact that we went to 5 or 6 weddings last year and this year have not been invited to one and that’s perfectly ok with us.

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I was raised on the corner of death and shame but I got priced out of the old neighborhood when the artists started moving in. I'm a Virgo, a Tiger, and a 5.

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