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My friend Mike P posted his music picks new and old for 2016 on the old FB mess-site and I’d like to follow suit … Here is new or old-but-new-to-me music I listened to and greatly enjoyed in 2016:

New (in no order):

Jamila Woods – HEAVN
Maxx Katz’s Floom project
David Bowie – Blackstar
Anthony Hamilton – What I’m Feelin’
James Blake – The Colour in Anything
Beyoncé – Lemonade
Thalia Zedek Band – Eve
Moor Mother – Fetish Bones
Shirley Collins – Lodestar

NOTE – I obviously am privileged to live with and be friends with many wonderful music makers that are always on constant rotation because they are great. But I wouldn’t expect them/you to post “Salem’s stand-up routine that I haven’t seen because she won’t let me go yet” on a 2016 list either.

Old-but-new-to-me (in no particular order):

Little Howlin’ Wolf – The Guardian (just reissued but orig 1982, does that make it new? re-new?)
Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas (2014)
Lida Husik – Bozo (1991)
Magazine – Real Life (1978)
Sabú (Héctor Jorge Ruiz, singer from Argentina) – Mon Amour (1974)
XTC – White Music (1978)
Judas Priest – Live on Old Grey Whistle Test (not an album as far as I know but the transmission is online, 1975)
Tink – Wet Dollars (2015 – single, yes)
ONO – Diegesis (2014)

You can also always listen to the mixes (sorry about the ads, that’s their bag!) I throw together on Youtube here:

Or come over to my house and listen to records! Shoot me a line if you ever are in Philadelphia and want to drink tea and listen up.

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I was raised on the corner of death and shame but I got priced out of the old neighborhood when the artists started moving in. I'm a Virgo, a Tiger, and a 5.

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